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Why is 4k so special?

Why 4k TVs are a worthwhile (and affordable) purchase

The times they are a changing. Why now is the time to invest in a 4k TV.

The rate of change in Twenty-first Century technology can do most people’s spud in! I think the last time Joe Public could just about keep up was when the 3 field system of crop rotation was introduced in the Middle Ages. Things change so quickly but I hope to answer the question why I think now is the time to invest in a 4k TV for your home.

It’s guaranteed that as soon as you walk out of the shop the new TV you’ve bought will be immediately superceeded with an even newer and shinier one! It’s a cross we all have to bear. However, after spending an inordinate amount of time altruistically researching the subject I can announce to the world that NOW is the time to buy a 4K TV for the following reasons – so carpe diem in your face bitches.

Why is 4k TV so goodMy top 4 reasons you need a 4k TV in your life

Firstly, and at last, the prices are reasonable. Of course, you can buy the TV equivalent of the Salvator Mundi but I’ve just clicked on the John Lewis website and you can pick up a 40” SMART Ultra HD TV for less than £400. Say what!!! For the short-sighted amongst us a 55” equivalent will knock you back £650, just saying.

Secondly, from Apple TV to Amazon Fire sticks , every set-top box comes with 4K and HDR support. So films and TV shows can be downloaded and watched in 4K on your new and cheapish TV.

Thirdly, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even YouTube are all offering video streaming in 4K. Costs may vary for the increased spec of the product, but hey you can’t buy a Rolls Royce for the price of a bicycle (see my last blog post!!).

Fourthly, PS4 and Xbox One have 4K capability. The PS4 Pro at around £350 is man enough to play games in 4K with HDR light support. The same is true of the X Box One X model at £450. Lower spec models only support HDR graphics. The X box One S can also power 4K video if you’re looking for a good 4K Blu-Ray player.

The future is now for 4k

Finally, 4K / HDR visuals will be the new default standard. Buying a 4k TV is future proofing yourself so buying a regular HD TV would be a big mistake.

The current state of play in relation to 4K content provided by terrestrial, cable and satellite based TV is that it is limited. The greatest access is through internet based services, but as Del Boy used to say in Only Fools and Horses this time next year we’ll all be millionaires owning 4K TV’s. Didn’t he?

If you need an aerial installation to support your 4k upgrade then contact us! We are the leading aerial installation company in Sheffield and South Yorkshire. We are super proud of our customer reviews collection so please go check them out (see the Google pop up that shows 5 shiny gold stars)!

On a final note, who remembers this from the old analogue days?

Why is 4k so special?

don't pay for a bicycle and expect a rolls royce

How much should a new aerial cost?

Online there are a gazillion aerial, satellite and CCTV companies that eulogise bargain basement offers. You can take the view that these are genuinely great opportunities or sceptically too good to be true. So just how much should a new aerial cost?

For example, a competitor of mine in Sheffield is stating a “digital” aerial installation for £38 and a CCTV installation for £99. Remarkable as the cost of materials is greater than the overall work!

When I’m shopping around for products and services I’m looking for value for money, that is, in cake terms, “worth the calories”. Money well spent is the whole package including what you’re actually offering as a product as well the services. This includes the initial contact experience of a web page landing or a personal phone call, to turning up on time, clearing up after yourself and making sure everything works prior to leaving. The standard of the service should not change for any customer.

The only variable should be the different price of products.

How much does a new aerial costWe are here to help

The whole process must be seen in terms of the customer. Lack of knowledge is vulnerability which is often exploited by the unscrupulous. A friendly tone and helpful guiding hand on how to tune a television or how to playback recordings on a CCTV recorder cost nothing but are priceless to a customer lacking in confidence.

At AB Aerials we gain customers attention and confidence by offering incentives such as:

  • No vat charge
  • 2 year guarantees
  • Free call outs for surveys and diagnostics
  • After sales service
  • Phone lines open until 10pm and answered straight away


The right package for you

A range of products are available to suit the individual’s purse but all are industry approved from cables and aerials to CCTV cameras. The difficult part is to give an exact cost to a customer without actually going to see the job. How long is piece of string? Even if we say costs start from £x customers often take it that £x is the actual price of the job!

Nobody should be afraid to ask for a no obligation quote/survey which is of course mutually beneficial.

Additionally, when embarking on costly project such as multiple television points or a 4 camera CCTV install it goes without saying to get a number of quotes. Look for the company that gives you value for money. It may be the cheapest option but rarely. Ask yourself the question “will a £38 aerial” or “£99 CCTV install” really give you what you’re looking for? What you want to pay is what you want to pay but don’t expect a Rolls Royce for the price of a bicycle.

Are you tired of losing trust in the trades industry? We are putting a stop to this! That’s why we showcase our 5 star reviews on our home page .

How can we help you? Contact us for your satellite, aerial and CCTV requirements. We will talk you through the options available to you and will never offer something that is completely unsuitable for your needs.

Check out some of our happy customers on our Facebook page !

Don’t be afraid to reach out. We are here to help get your satellite, CCTV and television back on track.


Now here’s a thing. Customer confidence. Can be a scary place out there, in unchartered tradesman’s world, finding the right bod for the right job. I should co-co, having just been ripped off £300 myself by a trickster (not what I called him at the time) believing I could get a good deal on some CCTV equipment. Needless to say, a debt recovery company are sending him scary court summons, and the like, which will eventually lead to his just desserts – spotted dick, hopefully.

I live in a world of digital aerials, Freeview TV, satellite installation, Freesat, TV wall mounts and CCTV. Exotic, I know, but unbelievably peppered with bad apples, ne’er do-wells and blaggards. I could say that these types stand out like sore thumbs what with their squints, limps and left handed handshakes but unfortunately it’s not that easy to distinguish them. They move in the aerial. Satellite and CCTV universe just as normal mortals do using cheap materials, misdiagnosing, half completing jobs, overcharging and never returning to the crime scene unlike any decent, self respecting criminal.

Just saying, you never know who’s gonna be a smiling assassin or a genuine Mr. Darcy in hard hat (notwithstanding other essential personal protective equipment). What to do to find a decent tradesman and, in this scenario I’m trying to create, a wondrous digital aerial, satellite and CCTV installer? Well, let’s take a good example of such a being i.e. ME. What have I got that others haven’t (and possibly crave)?

1. Qualifications

You wouldn’t get Wayne Rooney to build a space rocket. What’s required is somebody who has relevant and current qualifications. In this case a Registered Digital Installer (RDI) who would be trained and approved by a Licensing Board. Also it’s worth checking their ID number to ensure they are currently registered.

2. Insured

Doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand but if a chap isn’t a RDI it’s unlikely they will be have Public Liability Insurance. If they drop a hammer through the conservatory roof or drill through your waterworks they’ll be off and you’ll have to pay the bill.

3. CRB checked

This is the Criminal Records Bureau that monitors public convictions. Given the choice I’d want somebody in my house with a clean record than not. An RDI has to produce a CRB certificate to the Licensing Board to become registered and if you want to see mine it came through the post last week.

4. References and testimonials

These count for something. My customers have been kind enough to give video testimonials, testimonials on Google, Facebook and as well a number on my website – check ‘em out.

5. Uses Industry approved materials

Why wouldn’t you use decent materials. Look out for the Kite symbol it’s shown on all of the digital aerials, satellites and cabling I use. Cheap means expensive in the long run.

6. Guarantees work

It’s written in stone, well on my website, receipts and now in this blog, that I will give a two years guarantee on all works and materials. Howzat?

7. Doesn’t leave site until the works are completed and commissioned

Goes without saying that if it ain’t working don’t pay ‘em. If the job has be done correctly there’s no reason for it not to work. Some people will always find an excuse and dash with the dosh.

So you could do worse than to follow these box-tickers. If you have any questions relating who and who not to allow on to your roof and in your house call me, Steve, on 0114 2341189 for a free and no obligation chat about increasing your confidence in contractors.

TV Wall Mounting Service

I tell you what’s been going mental recently is the number of people wanting their TV’s wall  mounted. I say to them “good for you”. It looks great, seeing a telly miraculously floating mid-wall out of the way of tiny and often grubby paws. Also it frees up space that can be utilised for lets say a wine rack, a beer refrigerator or perhaps a book shelf (boring!!).

What is sometimes overlooked is how is that hovering TV is going to be powered, how will it get it’s signal and how can I connect my blue ray DVD to it? In other words where will the necessary evil cables go?  Don’t ask me I haven’t seen your lounge/kitchen/bedroom but what I would say is this:

Check the proximity of your electrical/aerial/satellite sockets

Do they require moving?

Do you want your cable to be chased in to the wall or are you happy to have them in trunking?

Questions, questions innit – but your installation could look like this (or better)