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Keeping the bogey man at bay - your guide to wireless alarm systems!

There are loads of “buzz” words out there like “knowledge transfer”, “on point” and “synergy” which are at best baffling and at worst skin crawlingly irksome!! But what the hey, I’m going to join the party as AB Aerials is a progressive business and by “thinking outside the box” we can suggest “on key” products and services by taking a “holistic approach” in giving our customers the best and most relevant experience they can have.

Basically what all that “gumpf” means is that we can offer a greater range of stuff using ladders.

CCTV Installation

Times they are a-changing

Seriously though it is true that in order to stay afloat as a business you have to adapt and change. With this in mind, around seven years ago AB Aerials began installing CCTV systems as well as aerials and satellite dishes. Since then the CCTV products have improved and become so user-friendly that images are super HD quality and customers can trace activity, not only through monitors and televisions, but also on mobile and tablet devices.

So to carry on this evolutionary time line we can now bring to the table a similarly easy to use “smart alarm system”.

Not only can this be employed as a stand alone security system (as can be testified by my parents) but integrated with a CCTV system thus further increasing the security of your home.

What is a smart alarm system?

What is a smart alarm system and why is it such a good product?

The answer is two-fold. Firstly, it is wireless which makes it easy and quick to install and secondly, that due to its “smartness” it can be operated from phones and tablets in and away from the house in a number of ways.

See the maxxone smart alarm system here as an example of the hardware we install.

By downloading the app and adding the smart alarm system to it, full functionality can be controlled from a phone/tablet. Hence, entrance and exit delays can be set as well as the easy addition of extra users if needs be. A key fob is also provided which is push button operated that arms/disarms the system, sets the night time or “Home” mode and makes provision for a “SOS but button which is utilised in the case of a personal attack (heaven forbid). A SIM card can be installed in the “controller” which automatically notifies designated appointees of an incident. Finally, there is a more traditional key pad which can also arm and disarm the system by punching in a PIN code

Additional extras to your smart alarm system

Additionally, other devices can be added such as a siren (external alarm box) which gives off a 110 dB ear busting noise and smart plugs that can regulate when lights come on and off when the customer is away. In all a great piece of kit which be fitted in no time and very minimal disruption.

It’s not only peace of mind that customers are wanting but also a system that easy to use, value for money and most of all effective! To offer up one more buzz phrase this smart alarm system “ticks all the boxes”.

AB Aerials – the leading choice in home security installation

AB Aerials are proud to install aerials, satellites, CCTV and home security across Sheffield and South Yorkshire. Our industry-leading customer reviews guarantee customer satisfaction and a job well done!

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CCTV Installation

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Which Trusted Trader Should I Go For?

Choosing a Which Trusted Trader For Your Next Job

As a “normal Joe” and fully paid up member of society (rather than a heart of stone contractor!) I feel a customer’s pain when looking for a tradesperson. There are so many “horror” stories out there about “Rogue traders” it’s daunting and I can sympathise as I’ve been a victim too. It’s the feeling of vulnerability that gnaws away at you because who other than the very person you want to employ has the knowledge that you don’t!!

Questions are raised such as

  • how much should I pay?
  • Who’s a reputable installer?
  • Will they turn up when they said they would?
  • Will they answer/return my calls?

Sound familiar – of course they do, because nobody wants to be ripped off!

Previously I’ve written blogs on customer confidence and this time I want to promote further reasons why a customer of AB Aerials is in safe hands when choosing the right tradesperson for your next job

Customer Confidence

AB Aerials – A Which? Trusted Trader

Recently AB Aerials as business has undergone the process of becoming a Which Trusted Trader (WTT). There are a lot of “Find a Trader” platforms out there but we wanted to go for the “Gold Standard” as Which have a “rich history in rewarding good services, products and businesses for the benefit of UK consumers”. Well, I’m glad we decided to go with Which as their whole philosophy is centred on customer protection.

There is a rigourous assessment process which other trading sites just don’t have. This involves substantiating individual’s professional qualifications, company credit status, continuous customer feedback and AB Aerials signing up to a Code of Conduct and Ethics. Any of which are breached and you’re down the road!!! Hence, the customer is protected from “Rogue Traders” and charlatans. For instance, if you’re quoted for work there is an arrangement for a 14 day cooling off period and you can cancel and if you’re unhappy with the work WTT offer a free arbitration/dispute resolution service (all this can be found in the Complaints Procedure of the website). Ultimately every stage of the work process is geared to customer protection and the responsibility to provide an excellent service falls to AB Aerials or else there will be consequences, be that legal or financial!

Which Trusted Trader Sheffield

I have to say it was a relief when I got the good news and been told AB Aerials had been endorsed by WTT as this meant that the work practices of our business were of a high standard and WTT would be confident in promoting us. What made this even sweeter was that we were told that only 1 in 4 applications were successful. Pat on the back all round then!

Out of interest, I typed in aerial and satellite installers in Sheffield on the WTT site and only two other businesses appeared. One was based in Humberside (say what!!) and the others were an electrical contractor stating they do audio-visual work and as it happens they sub-contract this work to AB Aerials anyway. The question has got to be asked why aren’t there any other similar businesses with WTT? The answer is, of course, it is unlikely they would meet the standards required and those that have applied have been unsuccessful.

So why go with anybody else? Go with AB Aerials – for a better resolution!!

We are industry leading 5-star reviewed installation providers for TV Aerials, Satellites, CCTV and TV Wall Mounting.

Contact us today to see how we can help you. Which? Trusted Traders are renowned for customer service and value so you are safe in the knowledge your installation will be treated with upmost care.

Maxxone CCTV app

Choosing the right CCTV solution for your home

On returning from half term or an Easter break I expect you were asked by the teacher “What did you do over the school holidays”? Well, I’m going to tell you what I did last Friday. So Miss, “I fitted some CCTV cameras for a lovely couple wanting a sense of security and peace of mind”.

It’s all about tailoring the product and service to the customer. In this instance the client didn’t need gazillion cameras tracking every movement and noise within a 2 mile radius. What they wanted was a value for money domestic CCTV solution and a system they could use.

Which CCTV solution is right for me?

After an initial introduction a week ago followed by a thorough survey of the premises, it was clear the requirements were for three cameras which would cover the whole of the grounds leaving no blind spots.

Need CCTV installation in your home? See our range here

Generally, for domestic use, I use a 2.3 mega-pixel domed anti-vandal camera with infra-red night vision up to 30m. The accompanying Digital Video Recorder (DVR) has a 1 terabyte memory which has a recording capacity of 10 days (there or thereabouts depending on frame speed).

Sheffield CCTV installationGoing the extra mile

To make for a nice tidy job, with as little cable exposure as possible, the cameras on the front and side of the property would have cable runs through the loft and out to the rear of house and trunked in to the ground floor incorporating the third camera’s cable which was positioned to capture the back garden and car parking area.

Trunking not only neatens up everything but also prevent cables being easily snipped by ne’er do wells.


Extra features for home CCTV installation

An additional feature that was offered and accepted was the installation of a microphone on the camera at the side of the house where people would need to gain access by a side gate. Microphones are great as they can identify potential criminals by a name drop or an accent.

To add value, all the CCTV products I use have the facility to be linked to the internet meaning you can see the images on a smart phone or tablet once downloading the Maxxone CCTV Viewer App.

Maxxone CCTV app

As can be seen from the photographs the finished product the customer received was a nice neat install with high definition images with a scope covering all of the property. Not to mention great value for money so everybody was happy apart from the rotten scoundrels who were thinking of trying to break in!!


How can we help you?

How can we help you bring that extra security to your home? Our CCTV range, coupled with a love of customer value and service, will deliver you ultimate peace of mind for your home. So, if you need a CCTV installation in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, why not get in touch?

We are proud of our industry-leading reviews and always recommend you check out what other people are saying about your potential suppliers before committing to any purchase!

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