Customer Confidence

Now here’s a thing. Customer confidence. Can be a scary place out there, in unchartered tradesman’s world, finding the right bod for the right job. I should co-co, having just been ripped off £300 myself by a trickster (not what I called him at the time) believing I could get a good deal on some CCTV equipment. Needless to say, a debt recovery company are sending him scary court summons, and the like, which will eventually lead to his just desserts – spotted dick, hopefully. I live in a world of digital aerials, Freeview TV, satellite installation, Freesat, TV wall mounts and CCTV. Exotic, I know, but unbelievably peppered with bad apples, ne’er do-wells and blaggards. I could say that these types stand out like sore thumbs what with their squints, limps and left handed handshakes but unfortunately it’s not that easy to distinguish them. They move in the aerial. Satellite and CCTV universe just as normal mortals do using cheap materials, misdiagnosing, half completing jobs, overcharging and never returning to the crime scene unlike any decent, self respecting criminal. Just saying, you never know who’s gonna be a smiling assassin or a genuine Mr. Darcy in hard hat (notwithstanding other essential personal protective equipment). What to do to find a decent tradesman and, in this scenario I’m trying to create, a wondrous digital aerial, satellite and CCTV installer? Well, let’s take a good example of such a being i.e. ME. What have I got that others haven’t (and possibly crave)? 1. Qualifications You wouldn’t get Wayne Rooney to build a space rocket. What’s required is somebody who has relevant and current qualifications. In this case a Registered Digital Installer (RDI) who would be trained and approved by a Licensing Board. Also it’s worth checking their ID number to ensure … Continue reading Customer Confidence