Home Security for 2021

What with lockdown, and 99% of the population being confined to barracks, the question of home security may not be foremost in the minds of the incarcerated.

A house full of screaming and vexatious kids, a husband banished to the ‘man shed’ and a wife locked in a darkened room marooned on island of empty gin bottles would be a deterrent to anyone thinking of breaking in? Well, if you can relate to such a scenario this blog may not be for you. However, if you’re living in the land of milk and honey, albeit slightly jaded, perhaps the idea of home security has crossed your mind. In that case the dilemma is which system is most appropriate for your requirements i.e. “to be wired, or not to be wired? That is the question?” (Shakespeare, Hamlet, 1609).

Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV)

1. Wired

These are the most common and cheapest type of camera where the cable delivers images etc from the camera to a recorder. The downside is that the cables can be difficult to install or possibly be seen but offer greater reliability than their wireless cousins. Various systems include an analogue or Internet Protocol (IP) version.  One of the main differences is cost between the two with analogue version being cheaper and but the IP version offers greater flexibility and superior image quality although there are analogue cameras do have an impressive 8 megapixel capability which AB Aerials do provide.

2. Wireless

With this type of system cameras transmit images to your computer, tablet or mobile using analogue or digital technology but does suffer from connectivity issues such as interference from microwaves, routers, cordless phones etc. Transmitted signals can be blocked by heavy masonry or metal objects. If you have ever tried to get a WiFi signal in an old house or barn you’ll know what I’m talking about.

House Security Features

1. Storing CCTV Images

Most systems have a standalone digital video recorder (DVR) which come with software to view the images in Mpeg format. The more cameras you have the more data involved and the bigger the hard disk drive (HDD) you’ll need for storage. IP cameras require a network video recorder (NVR) which does the same job as a DVR.

2. Remote Access

Here at AB Aerials all systems that are installed by us come with an associated application that can be used on your phone or tablet which means images and sound can be viewed or heard from wherever in the world you may be. The app has full functionality showing live images and playback recordings

3. Night Vision

Monochrome (black and white) CCTV cameras tend are effective in low light when used with integral infra-red illumination. These types of camera record in colour during the day and black and white during the evening. See below.


AB Aerials offer a camera that can record in colour both during day light hours and at night by means of an incorporated LED light within the camera that is activated when light intensity falls thus illuminating the area covered by the scope of the camera. See below.


4. Motion detection/trip wires

All cameras fitted have the facility to ‘motion detect’ as well as set up systems to only activate when a specific area is entered or line crossed then subsequently sending a message to your phone/tablet with an annoying ping generally in the middle of the night! Also AB Aerials fit cameras with built in microphones that can capture a name drop or accent which may help in identification of potential criminals.

5. CCTV and Privacy

If a CCTV system is installed the Privacy laws dictate your cameras aren’t pointed at public spaces or other people’s homes or gardens (no matter what the temptation). It’s probably a good idea to discuss any plans with your neighbours. They may even want to contribute to the cost!

The whole issue of CCTV and home security can be a minefield to traverse but a call to AB Aerials on either 01142341189 or 07773870943 might help a little.  Additionally, there is a wealth of information on the website including all products and services offered as well as useful and, hopefully, informative blogs!

ab aerials customer Katrina talking about her CCTV installation

AB Aerials recently fulfilled request from a customer to install a 2 camera CCTV system. An initial survey was carried out and having chatted to the lady for a while over a cup of tea I can honestly say I never met a more helpful, caring and unassuming person in the time I’ve been carrying out such work. She was a single parent who also had been a foster mum for over 15 years.  I asked her the reasoning for the CCTV installation and to my surprise she said was having “issues” with a nightmare neighbour. I thought how anybody could want to aggrieve such a lovely person with an indefatigable selfless nature. There’s no accounting for ignorance I suppose.

Some feedback from Katrina about why she wanted CCTV installing at her property.

Reasons you may want to consider CCTV installation in the home.

More specifically the customer stated many of the reasons why people,  in general, want to have CCTV fitted these being:

·       To act as a deterrent.
This is the biggest and most recognised benefit for those who choose to add CCTV systems to their property. Outside of being able to monitor your premises, CCTV cameras are an excellent deterrent for burglars or in this scenario to monitor trespass or damage to property or vehicles.

  • Peace of mind
    This was the major factor for the customer.  Being able to sleep at night. A camera system provides people with an increased sense of security and reassurance.

The type of systems we at AB Aerials installed can be viewed and monitored from your Smartphone or tablet.

This gives you the ability to check-in and review your premises at the click of a button, so your home security is always in reach.

It acts as a comfort blanket, giving you the freedom to get on with your life, confident that your property is being watched.

  • Cost effective
    A CCTV system is a cost-effective form of security. Once the system has been installed they are very easy to maintain and require little reparations.  CCTV systems will keep your premises secure for years. The whole life cost over 10 years equates to £50 a year that’s 14p a day!! So protecting your home or business isn’t as complicated or expensive as you may think.
    A modest initial outlay will buy a set up tailored to your requirements, help to protect people, and prevent costly theft or damage.
CCTV Installation in the Sheffield City Region

The technology is easy to understand, simple to use, and cost effective to maintain. Don’t wait until the worst happens. Thinking ahead now will save you a lot of money and stress in the long run.

For more about how a CCTV installation by AB Aerials can help you, be sure to contact us for a no-pressure chat. You can see what others have to say about our service over on our reviews page. We’d love to hear from you!

Further Reading.

Considering a CCTV solution for your home or property? See more about the benefits of a CCTV installation on the article here:

AB Aerials giving back in January 2020

It’s that time of the year when we can reflect on how 2019 has treated us and also Santa decides whether we’ve been good or bad.  Hope you’ve been good for goodness sake! At AB Aerials we have been looking back over the past year and it’s very apparent that our customers from South Yorkshire, and beyond, have been very good to us and the list that follows tells you why.

sheffield aerial installation

Thanks to our customers we fitted

  • 332 TV aerials
  • 169 additional rooms
  • 6 TV aerial relocations
  • 89 TV wall mounts
  • 28 satellite dishes
  • 5 satellite dish relocations
  • 25 CCTV systems
  • 8 wireless alarm systems
  • 9 bird spike installations
  • 17 cable replacements
  • 7 Network cabling installs
  • 4 WiFi extensions
  • And a partridge in a Pear Tree

AB Aerials, giving back in 2020!

So as gesture of giving something back to the region that has been so benevolent to AB Aerials, up until the end of January 2020, we will donate 5% of any job to a charity suggested by that customer. Just quote “Giving back” and we’ll know you’ve read this blog and that we’re happy to give to a cause close to your heart.

AB Aerials wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Safe and Peaceful New Year

Further reading and services provided by AB Aerials.

Aerial Installation


Customer Reviews



CCTV, aerial and satellite installation with 5-star service

The importance of customer service for our installation service.

Has a tradesman, shop or on line outlet ever left you seething? Chances are bad customer service was the cause. A rage-inducing experience can make us swear to never spend money with that third party again whilst excellence examples can secure customers for life!!

Customer’s have changing expectations and are more discerning about where customer service can add value. We may not be terribly focused on casual conversation and interaction but we are looking for customer service that helps fulfil our needs. For example last week a potential customer enquired in to the reasons for the poor quality of picture on his recently purchased behemoth 65” OLED TV. He suggested that a new aerial might help. I told him it wasn’t the signal that was the issue just that standard definition on a big screen is rubbish – something that John Lewis or Currys don’t generally mention.

Although there was no real resolution to his initial enquiry (excuse the pun) he was joyous to the point of giving me a 5* review on Google as I’d been open and honest and hadn’t ripped him off by installing some expensive piece of apparatus that wouldn’t have corrected the problem.

A certain Dr. Bray (who he??) of Bournemouth University has carried out a study in customer behaviour and stated that “only 45% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer service” and this is because there is an expectation that all businesses should meet a basic level of service(WHICH ? consumer magazine September 2019).

Additionally, the erudite Dr. Bray highlighted that customers are likely to warn others about their experiences – 75% would share a positive experience and 83% a negative one.

Modern technology and customer service.

There’s no denying that technology has caused a shift in the way we think about customer service. Social media means that negative sentiments can be made public and spread rapidly which I have found out to my cost when a woman on Facebook gave me 1* star review for not getting back to her as quick as I said I would. No offer of discounts or apologies could make her remove her comments!! Lesson learnt the hard way I suppose and if service drops below a certain level customers will start looking elsewhere and make sure everybody else knows about it too!!

When I’m shopping around for products and services I’m looking for value for money, which is in cake terms “worth the calories”.

Money well spent is the whole package including what you’re actually offering as a product as well the services.

This includes the initial contact experience of a web page landing or a personal phone call, to turning up on time, clearing up after yourself and making sure everything works prior to leaving. The standard of the service should not change for any customer. The only variable should be the different price of products.

The whole process must be seen in terms of the customer. Lack of knowledge is vulnerability which is often exploited by the unscrupulous. A friendly tone and helpful guiding hand on how to tune a television or how to playback recordings on a CCTV recorder cost nothing but are priceless to a customer lacking in confidence.

At AB Aerials we gain customers attention and confidence by offering no charge incentives such as:

  • No vat charge
  • 2 year guarantees
  • Free call outs for surveys and diagnostics
  • After sales service
  • Phone lines open until 10pm and answered straight away

Customer’s trust needs to be gained and the ability not to be disingenuous is upmost which is why I’d always advise to check out the business in question, e.g. look at all the reviews, testimonials, experiences, qualifications etc, which help to cut through the host of questionable special offers and suspicious discounts. The focus is on helping the customer through the process with the end goal being a satisfactory outcome which includes something that works, looks good and is on budget!!!

Customer Reviews

AB Aerials Services.

Aerial Installation

Satellite Installation

CCTV Installation




cctv installation in sheffield

At AB Aerials we’ve gathered together some of the key benefits of using a CCTV system can have at your place of work and residency – we hope you find this article helpful!

What is CCTV and why should you consider installing at your property?

CCTV (closed-circuit television) system allows the use of videos cameras to monitor the interior and exterior of a property, transmitting the signal to a monitor or set of monitors.

More and more of us are switching on the benefits of CCTV security systems and in the UK it is now estimated that there are more cameras per person than any other country in the world.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe promoted the use of CCTV, saying that cameras should be installed by homeowners and businesses to help detectives solve crimes.

The need for residential and business CCTV systems is higher than ever before. With the number of police officers patrolling our streets hitting a record low, total recorded offences are up by 14%, as reported by The Independent in 2018

Aside from the obvious advantage of being able to monitor your premises here are the benefits of using a CCTV system in 2019:

Deter Criminal Activity

This is the biggest and most recognised benefit for those who choose to add CCTV systems to their property. Outside of being able to monitor your premises, CCTV cameras are an excellent deterrent for burglars.

An intruder seeing cameras may decide that it’s easier and safer to move elsewhere. It’s much better to prevent intrusion than dealing with it after it’s occurred.

A report written by the Office for National Statistics in 2017 found that 2 in 100 homes were victims of robberies, with 40% of incidents taking place during working hours whilst occupiers are away from their properties.

In the same report, 70% of burglars gain entry to homes via the front door, while the remaining 30% use windows as an entry point. Therefore, pointing cameras towards these routes of entry is the best and most strategic place to add your CCTV device.

Improved Home Insurance Rates

By deterring criminal activity, CCTV security systems your home and property insurance costs. You are less of a target, so the risk is lowered, which means the price of your insurance decreases too.


“If you’re the victim of burglary and your home isn’t properly secured, you may find that your home insurance provider could question your claim and refuse to reimburse you for any loss.”


As well as being less of a target CCTV offers evidence towards insurance claims that you may not have had otherwise.

The more evidence you have to support your claim, the better, proving beyond doubt the circumstances surrounding your claim.

Find out more about how security cameras can potentially reduce your home insurance costs.

Peace of Mind

A camera system provides people with an increased sense of security and reassurance, particularly in areas where the crime rate is high.

The type of systems we at AB Aerials installed can be viewed and monitored from your smartphone or tablet.

This gives you the ability to check in and review your premises at the click of a button, so your home security is always in reach.

“As importantly, you get a whole shot of what happened at the event: What did they steal? Did they use a knife? You get all that. But more relevant today is a face. That’s what we need.”

It acts as a comfort blanket, giving you the freedom to get on with your life, confident that your property is being watched.

Cost Effective

A CCTV system is a cost-effective form of security. Once the system has been installed they are very easy to maintain and require little reparations.

Ensure that your cameras are cleaned in order to receive the best performance from your system. Other than this, CCTV systems will keep your premises secure for years.

CCTV Installation

Are you worried about your home or property security?

Protecting your home or business isn’t as complicated or expensive as you may think. Modern security systems aren’t just for massive corporations.

A modest initial outlay will buy a set up tailored to your requirements, help to protect people, and prevent costly theft or damage.

The technology is easy to understand, simple to use, and cost-effective to maintain. Don’t wait until the worst happens. Thinking ahead now will save you a lot of money and stress in the long run.

Contact AB Aerials

For an informal chat about how a CCTV installation can benefit your home, please do contact us. We are the leading CCTV installation provider in Sheffield. We pride ourselves on quality work with 5-star service, something which our reviews from delighted customers reflect.

Sheffield CCTV installation

A case study of how a CCTV installation at your property could be the perfect addition!

The reasoning to have CCTV installed is to deter and prevent unwanted attention and intrusiveness into what is otherwise an already stressful life. It’s a statement saying “bugger off” and if you dare to encroach your ugly mug will be captured in perpetuity!!

Added peace of mind from a CCTV solution.

This is exactly why my most recent customer wanting CCTV decided upon such a course of action. AB Aerials has a good presence on the internet and she found us through Facebook although the majority of our work comes through the website. We always carry out a free survey and diagnostics to detail the customer requirements and not least to reassure the customer of the quality of our service and efficiency products.

It was a modest installation but she wanted peace of mind.

We installed two cameras, one at the front of the property and the other at the rear which captured the areas she wanted covering (and a little bit more), giving both great day time and night time vision – see below.

With this particular product, she could view the images on her phone via an app which also meant she didn’t have to the recorder connected to the TV. In instances like this, the recorder can be placed anywhere in the property away from obvious areas where the device could be stolen and the images and evidence therefore lost.

The app has full functionality showing live images and has a play back function too.

How can you book a CCTV installation?

You are in safe hands with an AB Aerials installation. Our 5-star reviews speak for themselves and we pride ourselves on delivering excellent customer service!

CCTV Installation

Wondering how CCTV can bring added peace of mind to your home? Contact us today for an impartial, no hassle conversation.


sheffield aerial installation

A time for reflections and plans for a happy 2019…

As a small business owner, I am constantly evaluating turnover, expenditure, potential savings, market growth etc. In other words how much money I can make. And why not? Money buys the creature comforts we take for granted but it can have an overwhelmingly negative influence on our behaviour and sometimes blinds us to what is really important in life and take precedence over compassion, empathy and altruism in business.

So now that the festive period is upon us it has prompted me to take stock and reflect on the work I have carried out for charities and businesses over the years that prioritise the above values over profit. It’s not all about the money. Like a lot of people as an individual I make monthly donations to various charities, plonk some spare change in the charity pot next to the till and buy the Big Issue from a vender as I walk ironically in to John Lewis. But my impact as an individual is negligible particularly when compared to three organisations I want to highlight in this piece which have used AB Aerials for the services we provide and have had a tangible influence on the lives of people far less fortunate than myself.

At the end of the blog, I have included links whereby people can make donations to each of the bodies I will mention below.

The first organisation I would like to bring to the attention of the blogging world is Choice Housing Limited. Choice Housing Limited which is an independent housing association and a Not-For-Profit Organisation that was set up in 2004 by Robert Mellors.  They are based in North Nottinghamshire, but have properties in various locations around the country, with the majority in Sheffield and Worksop and offer a range of self-contained family homes and supported shared accommodation for single people. In addition to letting properties, Choice Housing Ltd also offers support to its residents in the areas of welfare benefits, debt management, employment, health, and housing.  This support is offered to all residents free of charge, regardless of their income.


I first met Robert in 2014 in a not so salubrious are of Sheffield to carry out a fairly big domestic aerial and satellite job. I initially internally queried why anybody would want to take on such a thank less task, in my naive eyes, having to deal with the general maintenance and upkeep of such properties and deal with the issues of tenants on low income or on benefits. It wasn’t until earlier this year I found out why Robert established such a business. He had been homeless for a period of time a number of years ago and had been through similar experiences which genuinely shocked me as I would have never have guessed it as he appeared to be a well rounded, intelligent and articulate man running several successful businesses. Eventually, he had managed to overcome his demons and dedicated himself to improving lives and helping others who were down on their luck for whatever reason.

This was an epiphany for me and I was truly humbled by and Robert’s history and his continuing efforts.

The second organisation I have had dealings with ever since the first inception of AB Aerials is a charity called Roundabout based in Sheffield and is a local youth housing charity, providing shelter, support and life skills to young people. They provide emergency accommodation for homeless young people and support young people to live independently in secure bedsits and in shared housing throughout the city. Roundabout also offers young people a comprehensive programme of training and involvement which breaks the cycle of homelessness and develops long-term independent living skills.

When carrying out the work they send through I often come in to contact with the young people they deal with (aged between 16 and 25) who are more or less the same age as my kids but come from totally different backgrounds and have been presented with fewer opportunities and certainly seen less love. Roundabout offers assistance, advice and all manner of support something that they probably have never been previously exposed and give a vulnerable section of society a “leg up” and a chance to improve their lives.

I have a great respect and rapport with the staff at Roundabout and they in turn have kindly contributed to video testimonials in relation to the work I have done for them which can be found on the AB Aerials website (

The third and final organisation I have worked with since 2015 is a charity called Ashaiana who work with Black, Asian and refugee adults and children dealing with forced marriages, human trafficking, female genital mutilation, gang violence and honour based violence.

I suppose I have led a relatively sheltered life and never been exposed to the issues mentioned above but as a fully paid up member of the human race I can’t help be struck by the inhumanity that has led to the establishment of such a charity. What further shame there is for me as a man is that the crimes perpetrated are by men and that women need protecting from them and their distorted agendas. I have had to fit CCTV systems and microphones on hostels and supported accommodation for the gathering of evidence to prosecute men who have tried to gain access to cause physical or mental harm to women and children. How sad in one way but how good it is that Ashiana exist to take care and protect and house these often scared women and children

Next steps for supporting local charitable causes…

If you would lie to make a donation to any or all of the above organisations please do so from the following links

1.     Choice Housing Limited –

2.     Roundabout –

3.     Ashiana –

AB Aerials wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Safe and Peaceful New Year

the best aerial, satellite and CCTV installer in Sheffield

The best aerial installation, satellite installation and CCTV installation team in Sheffield?

Well, it’s AB Aerials of course!

But don’t take our word for it! We were thankful to be invited back by our customers who share their stories about the excellent customer service, product knowledge and quality workmanship that goes into every AB Aerials installation!

Satellite installation in Sheffield – A delighted customer!

This happy customer in Sheffield was delighted with his satellite installation and configuration. The homeowner wanted to watch football from abroad and with our help, he can now enjoy his favourite sports directly through his satellite! Check out our satellite installation pages for more information on this service.

Aerial installation in Sheffield – a testimonial from a repeat customer.

This customer was thrilled to invite us back to her home after successfully installing a new aerial in the property. We have returned again to offer new services for her home to ensure maximum enjoyment of her TV and AV equipment, along with home security, through the means of CCTV installation on the property.

The benefits of CCTV installation – why you could consider a CCTV installation at your property.

A secure home is a happy home, and it is becoming more frequent that we get requests for CCTV installation across the Sheffield region. This homeowner was delighted with our service and the added peace of mind a well equipped and modern CCTV installation can bring to the home. Are you considering a CCTV installation on your property? Then don’t leave the site without checking out our CCTV installation page!


The best CCTV, Aerial & Satellite installation company in Sheffield.

These are just a selection of our hundreds of delighted customers across the Sheffield region. You can see more of our 5-Star Google rated reviews over on the review page, which we are proud to say puts us up there with the best for customer service, quality and delivery.

Customer Reviews

Contact us today to see how we can help you get more enjoyment from your property!

wireless home security systems

Home security: three effective ways to add increased security within your property.

Increasingly, customers are requesting a holistic package of measures to increase levels of security around the home. So in order to meet demand AB Aerials offer a high-value range of products to meet these needs

Initially, a thorough survey is conducted in order to determine the best security option for the customer. The choice of the three products, shown below, can be offered as part of a package (including all three) or individually installed.

  1. CCTVThis is a very popular product which is becoming ever more affordable. We offer a number of different types of cameras (IP, PTZ etc) but the one best suited for domestic use is a 2.1-megapixel anti-vandal dome camera giving great HD video quality with Infra-Red night vision up to 30 metres. Standard fitting of a 1 Terabyte Hard Drive gives 7 to 10 days recording time and the additional memory capacity can be installed on request. This is a SMART system which means image viewing a functionality can be seen and controlled from a phone or tablet. Additional features include CCTV warning signage, microphones and emailing functionality.increased security in the home
  2. Indoor Security Cameras

Again this is a SMART operating installation which means images can be seen from around the world as well as functionality. AB Aerials offer a range of cameras (stick, bulb or oval) with high quality video imagery and provide for “talk back” audio over the internet which means conversations can be had via the cameras.

  Stick Bulb Oval
SD card included     Yes
Wi-Fi Yes Yes Yes
Ethernet Port     Yes
Magnetic Base Yes Yes Yes
Talk Back Yes Yes Yes

Features include

  • Powered by mini USB
  • Mobile phone secure app control
  • Unique “sound wave” camera to phone pairing (No QR code required)
  • HD performance
  • Built-in LED for high quality night time vision
  • Can support 15 user accounts
  • Supports SD cards up to 32GB
  • Alarm mode reminders
  • Unique video lock so that system remains secure even if your phone is lost

3. Wireless Alarms Systems

Not only can this be employed as a stand alone security but integrated with a CCTV system thus further increasing the security of your home.

Why is this such a great product? The answer is two fold. Firstly, it is wireless which makes it easy and quick to install and secondly, that due to its “smartness” it can be operated from phones and tablets in and away from the house in a number of ways.

By downloading the app and adding the smart alarm system to it full functionality can be controlled from a phone/tablet. Hence, entrance and exit delays can be set as well as the easy addition of extra users if needs be. A key fob is also provided which is push button operated that arms/disarms the system, sets the night time or “Home” mode and makes provision for an “SOS but button which is utilised in the case of a personal attack (heaven forbid). A SIM card can be installed in the “controller” which automatically notifies designated appointees of an incident. Finally, there is a more traditional keypad which can also arm and disarm the system by punching in a PIN code

wireless home security systems

Additionally, other devices can be added such as a siren (external alarm box) which gives off a 110 dB ear busting noise and smart plugs that can regulate when lights come on and off when the customer is away. In all a great piece of kit which be fitted in no time and very minimal disruption.

Did you know?

AB Aerials are the leading CCTV installation team in the Sheffield region. We have an unrivalled 5-star review collection and we pride ourselves on transparency and customer service. To find out more about our services please do visit our CCTV installation page or contact us for a no quibble chat about your home security needs.

Troubleshooting - the good, the bad, and the ugly

Troubleshooting, or as we like to say in Sheffield S6, dépanneuring (not really), is defined in Wikipedia (so it must be true) as “a form of problem-solving often applied to the repair of failed products or processes on a machine or system.”

The thrust of this blog has come about because people are being “ripped-off” by the unscrupulous and being sold a product or service which they don’t need at an inflated cost which could have otherwise been resolved much cheaply through Troubleshooting. The loss of your Freeview or Freesat service doesn’t necessarily mean having to resort to a new aerial, satellite dish or amplification system. The customer just needs an honest company, i.e. AB Aerials (check out the 5-star reviews!), to have a look and give a free, no obligation assessment of the issue.

See some other blogs from the archive about Which? Trusted Traders and Consumer Confidence

Which Trusted Trader Should I Go For?

Customer Confidence

Just like the Clint Eastwood hombre character in the Spaghetti Westerns AB Aerials are here to make Good what is Bad and Ugly.

I don’t think “The Man No Name” sartorial sympathies meet current Health and Safety requirements. We actually wear hard hats, steel toe cap boots and hi-vis jackets when necessary for the record!! However, we don’t look anywhere near as cool. I wonder what the local constabulary would say if we rocked up to job sporting a Smith & Western revolver on our hips??

How AB Aerials helps our customers

How do we help our customers and add value to our services? In this instance AB Aerials giveaway, at no cost, a Troubleshooting E-Book on the website which highlights SIX common TV signal issues and how to resolve them in relation to Freeview (free to air programmes received via an aerial) and Freesat (free to air programmes received through a satellite dish). Go grab your e-book from the home page today!

AB Aerials 5 step checklist for troubleshooting your issues

If you’re not confident in applying the advice given in the E-Book, AB Aerials will carry out a five step troubleshooting programme which includes:

  1. Verification that the problem actually exists

  2. Isolating the cause of the problem

  3. Correcting the cause of the problem

  4. Verifying the problem has been corrected and

  5. Follow up


    to prevent future problems

A thorough investigation leading to a successful and permanent resolution.

Most importantly, if your TV picture is being disrupted, always check for cats on the aerial. An increasing issue spreading across the country affecting signal reception and setting temperatures rising on Saturday evening when trying to watch Match of The day. 8 out of 10 owners prefer to enjoy TV without the hindrance of a cat on the aerial.

New aerial installation in Sheffied.

How can AB Aerials help you? we are the regions leading installer of aerials, satellite, CCTV and home security in Sheffield. Why not give us a call or contact us to see how we can help you!

Meaow and goodbye for now.