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AB Aerials completed a job last week for a quite well do to family in a quite well to do area of Sheffield (the S11 postcode if you’re asking). It was a fairly big job involving installing a TV (UHF) aerial and a digital radio (DAB) aerial serving 5 locations around the property.

As the customer was very amenable we started chatting over a kindly offered cup of tea and he began to tell me the reasons for having the extensive digital aerial work carried out. To my surprise he was particularly bothered about the ever increasing cost of the subscription he was paying for a well known cable TV formerly owned by Richard Branson (I’m not at liberty to tell you the name of said company but you do the maths!

I say surprised as, previously mentioned, he appeared to be fairly well off living in a fairly well to do suburb and for all intents and purposes, I assumed, a few quid spent on cable TV was within the families household budget.

The cost benefit of subscriptions in the home

Being a forward thinking fellow my customer had done a cost analysis and the benefit of having Richard Branson’s the cable TV service replaced by a digital TV aerial  and additional SMART  Freeview receivers (e.g. HUMAX boxes, other brands are available) would be realised within 3 months. His main argument was that he and his wife generally watched the free channels such as BBC, ITV and other such as Yesterday, Pick and Dave.  The kids, who largely resided in their darkened bedrooms, streamed unwatchable stuff off YouTube and NETFLIX,  all of which could be found on their phones, tablets and SMART  TV’s. So essentially, he was saying he was fed up of paying for stuff nobody watched. Good point well made.

The reasoning for AB Aerials presence was to replace the 30 year old incumbent installation on the chimney, resembling an old bedstead, with something that would serve all the main rooms and subsequently future proof their FREE  TV viewing  safely up until retirement and beyond (including digital radio listening – Radio 4 Extra is such a wonderful companion dontcha know!). By my calculations, given ay a 20 year life cycle, the cost per year of the installation would be £16.75.

What a fantastic investment plus they get a two year guarantee anyway.

I expect Richard Branson and Rupert Murdoch have set their sights on the Sheffield’s highly competitive upstart business AB Aerials!! I can feel a penetrating gaze on the nape of my neck already.


Aerial Installation

So just what did AB Aerials provide for this customer?

In conclusion, what AB Aerials has done for the customer is provide a guaranteed Free TV entertainment  for our customer serving 5 rooms which means all family members can watch what they want, where they want, to the exclusion all others, be that in a darkened, sullied teenage bedroom or the comfort of a House of Fraser furnished living room!! I’ll take the latter any day.


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