A Quiet Night In

A Quiet Night In TV Recommendations

With winter nights drawing in, coupled with Tier 3 COVID restrictions and the threat of another National lockdown, perhaps the only real comfort and surety to look forward to is that of ever present television and its digital offerings.

A “quiet night in” is more than likely to translate as “quite a number days and nights incarcerated within four walls” which begs the question how can this pain be best eased through the medium of our benign LCD friend?

Lockdown night in

Well, if we’re going to be locked away in an enforced hibernation for the foreseeable future what’s the best television to become acquainted to divert our thoughts from impending imprisonment and transport us to a televisual nirvanaAB Aerials are altruistically offering an insight in to what can be a confusing and, notwithstanding, an expensive trip to Currys, John Lewis or Amazon shops and websites revealing the best TV’s of 2020.

The best TV’s of 2020

The four major brands synonymous with televisions are Panasonic, LG, Samsung and Sony but only two make more than a handful worth buying.  In the past few years LG and Samsung have fought tooth and nail to take top spot on the TV pyramid.  Until 2017 Samsung were unassailable with the staggering quality of its LCD range in both budget and high end products which kept rivals firmly at arm’s length.  But LG have risen to the challenge and now makes more “Best Buys” than anyone. Sony and Panasonic have struggled to reach the heights of their competitors in recent years but are still capable of making exceptional TV’s but almost always at the high end and with a price tag to match!


It’s the OLED range that have helped LG close the gap on Samsung. The millions of self illuminating pixels that make up these stunning displays produce superb images no other brand has been able to match. QLEDS, Samsung evolution of LCD, has dispensed with liquid crystals entirely in favour of quantum dots said to produce vibrant colours and were the direct competitor for the same market but failed to hit the mark. The new generation of television resolution ranges between 4k (3840 x 2160 pixels) and 8k (7682 x 4320 pixels) which provides  great viewing  for programmes transmitted in that format but for watching standard definition and conventional HD programmes it all looks rather grainy and out of focus.

The best TV’s of 2020Which? TV Recommendations

The Which Magazine compiled a league table of best TV’s based on specification and performance.  From a total of 40 television models evaluated, 24 were deemed worth buying and only 2 Sony models were included with no Panasonic models making it in to the 40. The other 38 models of TV’s were all LG and Samsung.   The top 11 winners were LG’s with the LGOLED555GX6LA topping the group costing £1,999.  The Samsung QE65Q95T came in at number 12 at additional £500 cost of £2,499. The highest ranking Sonys came in at 16th and 17th these being the OLEDs KD55A8BU (£1,699) and KD65A8BU (£2,599).

Which? TV RecommendationsSo the long and short of buying a television in 2020 can best be summed up as the LG and Samsung show. The government mantra for staying safe reads as:

  • Wear a mask
  • Wash your hand
  • Keep a safe distance

But should also include “stay indoors with a 4K television! You can’t catch COVID from watching TV unless you’re doing so on public transport, without a mask and are within a metre of your neighbour.  Not the way I want to watch television!

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