All about TV Wall Mounting…and getting rid of those pesky cables!

Stick it on the wall As much as it’s a foreboding thought, Christmas is fast approaching and televisions are often a perfect gift particularly for kids or an indulgence for the grownups!! Nowadays it’s not uncommon to see anything from a 49” to 65” behemoth gracing lounges and bedrooms around the country and because of the size of modern TV’s finding a spot to put them in can be a headache. Well, let AB Aerials take that pain away as we offer a fantastic TV wall mounting service. The results can be stunning seeing a telly miraculously floating mid-wall out of the way of tiny and often grubby paws. Also it frees up space that can be utilised for let’s say a wine rack, a beer refrigerator or perhaps even a bookshelf. What is sometimes overlooked is how is that hovering TV is going to be powered, how will it get its signal and how can I connect my devices to it such as games console or recorder? In other words where will the necessary evil cables go? What to consider when wall mounting a TV The proximity of your electrical/aerial/satellite sockets Do they require moving Do you want the cables to be buried in the wall (and having to take into account the cost of plastering and redecorating) Is trunking a viable/acceptable option (see right-hand side of the fireplace below) Once you’ve made a decision your installation could look like this (all work undertaken by AB Aerials!) TV Wall Mounting How much does it cost to have your TV Wall mounted? Prices will be dependent on the size of the TV, the type of mount, how the cables can be hidden, cable extensions etc. We do offer a free survey service as it’s always better to assess your requirements as … Continue reading All about TV Wall Mounting…and getting rid of those pesky cables!