Buyers guide to soundbars & soundbases

Buyers guide to soundbars & soundbases

Why should you consider adding a soundbar or soundbase to your TV set up?

Slimline TV’s can have a superb picture but below par sound as space for in built speakers is limited. I should know having recently bought a SONY TV only to endure the listening experience of having a length of string between two old baked beans cans. A soundbar/base boosts TV audio and is compact also a TV can sit on a base. To ease my woes and tinnitus I researched in to the world of affordable alternatives to something Alexander Graham Bell would definitely not recognise.the best soundbar

Model Price (£) TV connections Bluetooth

for music playback

Subwoofer type Buy

Don’t Buy

Samsung HW N850 849 O, H Y WSub Buy
Sonos Playbar 699 O Y Buy
Samsung HW J250 160 A,O Y
LG K5 239 A, H, O Y WSub
LG SJ7 449 Y WSub Don’t Buy
Canton DM55 249 C,O Y Buy
Canton DM60 299 C,O Y Buy
Canton DM100 529 A, C, O Y Buy
Canton DM75 400 C,O Buy
Q Acoustics M2 225 A,H,O Y


  • A – Auxiliary 3.5mm
  • C – Coaxial digital
  • H – HDMI
  • O – Optical
  • WSub – Wired sub woofer


Model Overall review
Samsung HW N850 Outstanding sound quality using Dolby Atmos
Sonos Playbar Dynamic sound
Samsung HW J250 Simple to use and unobtrusive
LG K5 Great for films
LG SJ7 Clever 3 piece sound bar but sound disappoints
Canton DM55 Powerful sound and good dynamic range
Canton DM60 Excellent virtual surround sound and clear speech
Canton DM100 Sounds great and is easy to use
Canton DM75 Big powerful clear sound with a wide frequency range
Q Acoustics M2 Good value compact model with warm sound and clear speech


Best model versus Best Value
The Sonos playbar soundbar offers great sound but is at the top of the price range whilst the Samsung HW J250 is among the cheapest but still presents a big sound for a great price.

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