Home Security for 2021

Home Security for 2021

What with lockdown, and 99% of the population being confined to barracks, the question of home security may not be foremost in the minds of the incarcerated.

A house full of screaming and vexatious kids, a husband banished to the ‘man shed’ and a wife locked in a darkened room marooned on island of empty gin bottles would be a deterrent to anyone thinking of breaking in? Well, if you can relate to such a scenario this blog may not be for you. However, if you’re living in the land of milk and honey, albeit slightly jaded, perhaps the idea of home security has crossed your mind. In that case the dilemma is which system is most appropriate for your requirements i.e. “to be wired, or not to be wired? That is the question?” (Shakespeare, Hamlet, 1609).

Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV)

1. Wired

These are the most common and cheapest type of camera where the cable delivers images etc from the camera to a recorder. The downside is that the cables can be difficult to install or possibly be seen but offer greater reliability than their wireless cousins. Various systems include an analogue or Internet Protocol (IP) version.  One of the main differences is cost between the two with analogue version being cheaper and but the IP version offers greater flexibility and superior image quality although there are analogue cameras do have an impressive 8 megapixel capability which AB Aerials do provide.

2. Wireless

With this type of system cameras transmit images to your computer, tablet or mobile using analogue or digital technology but does suffer from connectivity issues such as interference from microwaves, routers, cordless phones etc. Transmitted signals can be blocked by heavy masonry or metal objects. If you have ever tried to get a WiFi signal in an old house or barn you’ll know what I’m talking about.

House Security Features

1. Storing CCTV Images

Most systems have a standalone digital video recorder (DVR) which come with software to view the images in Mpeg format. The more cameras you have the more data involved and the bigger the hard disk drive (HDD) you’ll need for storage. IP cameras require a network video recorder (NVR) which does the same job as a DVR.

2. Remote Access

Here at AB Aerials all systems that are installed by us come with an associated application that can be used on your phone or tablet which means images and sound can be viewed or heard from wherever in the world you may be. The app has full functionality showing live images and playback recordings

3. Night Vision

Monochrome (black and white) CCTV cameras tend are effective in low light when used with integral infra-red illumination. These types of camera record in colour during the day and black and white during the evening. See below.


AB Aerials offer a camera that can record in colour both during day light hours and at night by means of an incorporated LED light within the camera that is activated when light intensity falls thus illuminating the area covered by the scope of the camera. See below.


4. Motion detection/trip wires

All cameras fitted have the facility to ‘motion detect’ as well as set up systems to only activate when a specific area is entered or line crossed then subsequently sending a message to your phone/tablet with an annoying ping generally in the middle of the night! Also AB Aerials fit cameras with built in microphones that can capture a name drop or accent which may help in identification of potential criminals.

5. CCTV and Privacy

If a CCTV system is installed the Privacy laws dictate your cameras aren’t pointed at public spaces or other people’s homes or gardens (no matter what the temptation). It’s probably a good idea to discuss any plans with your neighbours. They may even want to contribute to the cost!

The whole issue of CCTV and home security can be a minefield to traverse but a call to AB Aerials on either 01142341189 or 07773870943 might help a little.  Additionally, there is a wealth of information on the website https://ab-aerials.co.uk/ including all products and services offered as well as useful and, hopefully, informative blogs!

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