How to Build Customer Confidence in an Installation Service

How to Build Customer Confidence in an Installation Service

Home technology installation is a growing market here in the UK, with many households adopting the latest smart solutions for lighting, security and entertainment. At AB Aerials we are focused on fitting new equipment thus giving a fresh flow of new business while retaining our existing customer base if we wish to keep competitive.

In this blog, we’ll look at how AB Aerials can tick both these boxes by ensuring customers feel confident in the services on offer.

AB Aerials Get Me Digitial

Becoming an approved installer

At AB Aerial we are constantly interacting with customer’s property, often working in an environment inhabited by their loved ones and filled with their personal possessions and valuables. As a result, they must feel comfortable that they can trust you. As we are an approved installer we can show our customers that we have been background checked and can be counted upon to perform our trade professionally. If customers have a choice between hiring a pre-checked installer or an unknown quantity, which option do you think they will pick?

Acquiring the Digital Tick

AB Aerials has an abundance of experience and qualifications that allow us to handle specific equipment installations. However, most customers are looking for a simple sign that you are a professional and reliable installer. As an approved installer, we have the right to add the “Digital Tick” to our ID, vehicle, website and printed marketing materials. The Tick is a symbol of high-quality workmanship and dependability and can help customers see instantly that you are capable and trustworthy. At AB Aerials we are experts in a variety of digital installations and we can also service your devices to ensure they operate effectively. We are registered digital installers so you can assured of the highest quality service visit by checking the business directory at Getmedigital. and by visiting our website site to find more information –

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