TV at no cost – the benefits of aerial installation.

What’s that you say? TV for free? Seems an incredulous statement, but in a way its true so read on. Here at AB Aerials we fit a lot of aerials, satellite dishes and additional TV points around properties (amongst many other products and services) and at the last count, for the year 2018-2019,  338 lucky customers have benefitted from having a quality installation along with a great customer experience. You don’t have to take my word for it as there are a ton of written and video testimonials and reviews to view on the website too. How much does an aerial installation cost and what is the price compared to satellite TV? One of the overriding reasons why people are choosing TV aerial and satellite installations over subscription TV is cost. Plain and simple. Well, how cheap is cheap?  Firstly, customers, being a fickle lot, don’t want just cheap thrown in to the equation, they want quality too, that is why we here at AB Aerials only use industry approved materials and all installations are carried out by experienced City & Guilds qualified technicians. Secondly, we offer a great after sales service e.g. for those who struggle with technology and need a walk through the maze of buttons and drop down menus.  And finally, the bottom line that is the money. If a customer lives in a decent signal area a standard aerial supplied and fitted to serve one room is £120 and additional rooms are £40 each. Satellite dish installations start at £135. Not quite sure how to put this but previously the demographic for customers watching traditional methods of TV, i.e. through an aerial or dish, were, let’s say, more life experienced and their viewing habits were less demanding. But what I’m finding now is that younger people … Continue reading TV at no cost – the benefits of aerial installation.